Margaret A. Gannon
Oakland, CA
phone:  510-452-1700



I have been representing women in family law cases for over 20 years.  My clients come from all over the East Bay and from all different family situations.  Some are mothers of young children, some are women in mid-life career changes and some are older women, too.  Each woman has  serious problems to solve right now and each woman needs a plan for the future.  I help each client to find practical and dependable solutions to her problems.


For many years I have limited my practice to representing women in family law cases.  Most of the time that means divorce.  It can also be help with problems that come up after the divorce is over.  Changes in child custody or support are likely as children grow up, or parent incomes change in the future.  Sometimes property problems need attention.  For example, a pension that wasn’t divided in the divorce, or a house that needs to be sold. 


Most family law cases are settled through discussion and negotiation.  I encourage reasonable compromise.  On the other hand, a fair outcome may need the court to intervene.  When that happens, my client can rely on my courtroom experience.  My reputation with both judges and colleagues is excellent.  My work is recognized as highly professional and effective.


Long ago, I recognized that the problems women face when a marriage ends are special and need special solutions.  My clients worry about the stability and safety of their children.   They have the financial and family problems that face single mothers.  Health insurance may be threatened.   A home may be too expensive to keep or too mortgaged to sell.  The family standard of living is going down.  Or my client has not worked outside her home in quite a while.  And everyone is very unhappy and sometimes frightened.  The most immediate problems get first attention:  safety, stability and cash flow. 


I have served as Governor on the board of California Women Lawyers.  I have been a board member of Women Lawyers of Alameda County and its President from 2007 – 2009.